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Software for Smartphones: Quality not Quantity

I have tested all apps thoroughly. Sorting by app name is no rating!
Purchase date in the Apple App Store and own rating with 1–5 stars are listed for each app.

New test reports may not be detailed at the beginning, but will be added later.

App Tests for iOS only?

Yes, because I last used Android OS in 2013. But I like to mention when a developer offers his app also for another operating system.
If you are looking for an app for a specific purpose or from a specific developer, choose one from my list and look at «Compatibility: …».
Here I always mention for which operating system/version the app is suitable.
Checking the app quality/seriousness of a developer naturally includes a review of his/her website and privacy policy.
In doing so, I also see if the offered app is only available for iOS or also for other operating systems and take this into account.
How I ended up with Apple's operating system iOS is explained in my report Which Operating System in detail.
Further reviews are already in progress. Icon: laughing Smiley

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