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Apple MacBook Air i5 1,1/16/1 TB (2020) (Review in progress)

Mobile Storage: external HDD

LaCie Porsche Design P´9220 Mobile Drive 1 TB

LaCie Porsche Design P´9220 Mobile Drive 2 TB

Mobile Storage: external SSD

LaCie Porsche Design P´9223 Mobile Drive 250 GB (long-term test report in progress)

Desktop Storage: external HDD

LaCie Porsche Design P´9230 Desktop Drive 5 TB

LaCie d2 Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Drive 6 TB


D-Link DUB-H7 USB Hub USB-A 2.0, 7 Ports (Review in progress)

AmazonBasics USB Hub USB-A 3.1, 10 Ports (already defective after 4 months! Conclusion: all data of the backup hard disk are lost!)

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phones, Feature Phones, Smartphones

Overview of self-tested Mobile Phones
(long-term test reports in progress: Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max)

Smartphone Tips for Purchase Decision

Tips for Battery Handling – No more half-truths about Li-Ion batteries

Mobile Phone with exchangeable Battery?

Mobile Phone Accessories

Audio Bluetooth Receiver, Bluetooth Headsets, Mobile Broadband Modems, Power Banks, Memory Cards

Overview of self-tested Mobile Phone Accessories

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