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Recommend good Web Addresses

… or …

Then you are welcome to add them to my link collection.
But please read the following beforehand!
If your address recommendation meets my admission requirements, I will be happy to accept it.

Preconditions to add a Web Address to my Link Collection

  1. Transport encryption TLS 1.2, better 1.3 (temporary exceptions for older existing entries)
  2. Mandatory data not hidden (Privacy Policy + Legal/Site Notice)
  3. a neat arrangement with clear menu navigation, matching colours
  4. correct spelling of course
  5. Browser-independent correct page display (valid CSS and HTML code)
  6. no violation of morality, law and order
  7. Menus/text must be readable without the need to install extensions (no ActiveX/Flash/Java necessary)
  8. all (!) contributions of your web presence are also suitable for children's eyes (!)
  9. Pages have a short loading time even with a slow Internet connection
  10. Pages with large photos have a picture overview with reference to longer loading time
  11. who promises wealth through easy internet work or similar is dubious = no chance
  12. references to antisocial media (Facebook & Co.) are generally undesirable

Inquiries will not be answered at all if your data protection regulations are unreasonable!
I really do read the Legal/Site Notice, privacy policy and EULAs! This is part of the examination …

Occasional Review

This year I will check existing entries bit by bit to see if they are now only accessible with the latest TLS encryption and do not support antisocial media (…)
I have already started to write to the webmasters concerned …
Unfortunately I had to remove some entries, because their operators obviously have no interest in a successful future for their website.
This is not about my small link collection! I am thinking of the most popular search engine in Europe and especially in Germany …

Internet – with Security!

Anyone who is no longer listed at the top of the search results by Google will soon be away from business, and not just virtually. Many companies have not yet realised this.
But if you don't care about good transport encryption, Google hasn't given you a high ranking for a long time now (exceptions are very old, consistently popular websites, which have a grace period – but you can count it on one hand).


By the way…

Many English-language websites created exclusively by German-speaking web designers (from Germany, Austria and Switzerland) can be found immediately by searching for «Imprint» in a search engine …
It is the completely wrong translation for «Legal/Site Notice». Only German speaking webmasters use this wrong term, which is never used for websites in English!




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19.11.2020: Like many other bilingual websites, this website only had an extra folder for the second language /en/

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