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BlackBerry 10 OS – too brilliant for BlackBerry

The Decision against BlackBerry 10 OS was already made in 2013

BlackBerry 10 OS is based on the real-time operating system QNX and offers an ingeniously simple gesture control, which even makes the "home button" (menu button) or even several menu buttons as a hardware or software solution, which is common with all other smartphone operating systems, superfluous.
Although some of the applications provided by BlackBerry have great potential for improvement and lack software interfaces (APIs) that have long been common in other ecosystems, the operating system is hardened against manipulation and cannot be thrown off track even by poorly programmed apps. It is very frugal, runs smoothly even with older hardware. Ideal for the meanwhile insignificant hardware manufacturer BlackBerry, which does not get favourable purchase prices for current hardware on the market for smartphone components! That's why there was not a single BlackBerry 10 model with really potent hardware, although the prices corresponded to those of other top models. A solid stable secure operating system and proven hardware found a small circle of security-conscious customers, some of whom even now remain loyal to the ecosystem.

Even in March 2015, the Truth was still not out

In March 2015 the new head of the equipment division Ron Loucks briefly showed the trade press a dummy in the cameras - apparently for BlackBerry 10.
In the meantime we know that the business with Google had already been set up in 2014. CEO John Chen had taken the first steps in 2013.
Giving up the best operating system and keeping the customer's long-standing decision secret for years has destroyed my trust! angry

Last big Wave of Layoffs in February 2016

2016-02-05: BlackBerry has dismissed 200 employees, mainly responsible for BlackBerry 10! devil
This means for their own operating system BlackBerry 10 practically the final end. I do not expect further developments. If security gaps are discovered in the future, BlackBerry will have a hard time fixing them. Software flaws have not been fixed either.

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