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Android OS – the open Operating System

No real Alternative to BlackBerry 10 OS

From the most secure operating system BlackBerry 10, trusted by Governments in the world, state institutions and large corporations, should one switch to Android?
Entrust personal data to the world's largest advertising service provider, who makes money selling customer data and is notorious as a data killer?
The collected data is anonymized by Google, but not every customer believes and accepts this.

Very popular and therefore a worthwhile Target for Criminals

Up to Android version 7.1.2 there is a security hole, known since 2016, which allows every Android developer to intercept and redirect keystrokes of the user unnoticed and even to obtain additional permissions by fraud.

Android Smartphone with BlackBerry Logo

Already when setting up a BlackBerry PRIV you notice "that now another music is playing": no BlackBerry ID, but a Google account is required!
The first Android smartphone from BlackBerry called PRIV is so badly crafted that only the very hardcore keep it after purchase - and then get annoyed by the software. Quality spoiled BlackBerry customers have been able to order every new BlackBerry model without being looked at, because apart from "Monday devices" there were no bad mistakes in the workmanship. Now it doesn't even get Android 7.

BlackBerry Key² – powered by Android

Addendum: In the meantime BlackBerry's hardware partner TCL had produced further smartphones with Android (DTEK50/60). Thanks to poor update policy and high prices for entry-level hardware, success was moderate and even more BlackBerry customers were pissed off. After the touchscreen model Motion came the KEYone. Mediocre hardware at a high price. Its successor Key² is just as expensive, but the hardware was improved. Unfortunately, there seems to be a wide spread of series. The workmanship of the keyboard and the reception quality is not supposed to be good on some devices, you can read in the German forum telefon-treff.de.
Maybe it concerns only the first series, possibly also only a few "Monday devices". The Telekom doesn't offer it anymore, so I can't buy it with a contract extension at a discount. Otherwise I might have tried it and later sold it to the German resale platform "wirkaufens.de" if I didn't like it (at the opposite this platform has the shop named "asgoodasnew.de").

Android Smartphones from other Manufacturers?

A possibility to get much more powerful hardware than the ones with BlackBerry logo. Except for the hardened operating system. New smartphones delivered with Android 8 or higher also harden Google against manipulation. Only a few manufacturers offer regular and quick software updates and only as long as they need to (Google wants 18 months and even then only a few manufacturers stick to this). So maybe you'd rather use Apple's iOS …

References: Keylogger since 2016: heise Security. notebookcheck.de: BB Priv quite a flop. GIGA: massive processing deficiencies.. Android apps send user data to advertising networks: Report in German Computer Magazine c't issue 9/2015: c't issue 9/2015: Appgehört - Smartphone snoopers on the trail.

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