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Chronicle of the digital Mobile Telephony in Germany

Milestones from 1992 to today (excerpt)

30.01.1989: The public announcement to license a digital mobile telephone system accordingly to the GSM Standard is being offered in the Bundesausschreibungsblatt.
30.06.1992: Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH starts its GSM network with the brand D2 privat.
01.07.1992: T-D1 starts its GSM network. T-D1 defers D2 privat as a symbolic gesture. The politicians wanted it.
01.11.1992: Great demand but small quantities are still the reason for exorbitant prices for mobile phone devices. Journalists and well-known people get their mobile phones first and for promotional purposes for free or less expensive.

05.04.1993: E-Plus is founded.
27.05.1994: Official start of the E-Plus network.

01.04.2001: April Fool´s Day? Private customers gets never more phone calls with fair timing in seconds!
Only business customers can get tariffs with fair timing in seconds (in Germany also referred to as timing 1/1).

27.05.2003: E-Plus celebrates its 10th anniversary! Thereto for a limited period of time they have an anniversary tariff offer: Professional XL Jubiläumstarif with tariff automatic for free. Calls for 3 Cent per minute to the German landline with timing in seconds! Last possibility for private customers to get a tariff with timing in seconds, cause you can get this business tariff even as a private customer.

23.06.2003: O2 Germany since today has 5 million customers.

30.05.2005: Germany´s first mobile phone discounter simyo is founded.

01.08.2006: New tariff for frequent callers at E-Plus: with CleverOne L call to users in the same E-Plus mobile network and to German landline for only one Cent p. m. and to other German mobile networks only 19 Cent p. m. (monthly fee: 45 EUR, timing 60/1).

01.05.2007: At last the E-Plus BASE mobile data unlimited plan is bookable without a phone tariff bundle!

03.09.2007: SIM cards of Fonic, the new discount brand of Telefónica O2 are available since today at Lidl and in the web.
11.12.2007: Fonic has won more than 100.000 customers within 100 days!

05.05.2009: Telefónica O2 offers the tariff innovation of the year named O2 o with cost airbag.

23.07.2009: Fonic has acquired already much earlier as expected 1 Million customers (was expected originally for 2010)!
25.03.2010: Fonic starts the cost protection for their mobile data unlimited plan: 2,50 EUR per day, but max. 25 EUR per month.

05.05.2010: Telefónica O2 celebrates the 1st anniversary for its tariff O2 o. Therefore Telefónica O2 sets the price down to 50 EUR!

13.07.2010: Fonic offers a new prepaid tariff plan for the big German grocery discounter Lidl named Lidl mobile. Prices as with Fonic, a cost airbag as with tariff O2 o, but already at 40 EUR.
03.01.2011: Fonic offers its cost airbag for German phone calls on its own prepaid tariff - cut at 40 EUR!
23.05.2011: Fonic welcomes its two millionth customer.

28.07.2011: Starting today you are reachable for phone calls in the Telefónica Mobile Network also at GPRS connections! Until now you had to set your smartphone fix to UMTS (3G only) to get calls cause while data transmissions via GPRS no call was possible at the Telefónica Mobile Network!

15.08.2011: Security expert Karsten Nohl demonstrates live at the German television broadcast ZDF WISO (and another media) the easy interception of GSM and GPRS connections. Only a fix setting to "3G only" can protect you against interception! Network providers and branch association Bitcom appease it.

02.11.2011: Deutsche Telekom (aka T-Mobile Germany) offers HD-Voice at its whole cellular network.

17.04.2012: The new E-Plus brand yourfone from Hamburg offers an unlimited plan for telephone calls to all German networks and a little data plan to 500 MB unthrottled data volume for only 19,90 EUR. Until now such tariffs had cost 50 to 100 EUR. This starts a new price competition!

05.06.2012: Fonic reduces the price of its smartphone tariff "Fonic Smart" to 16.95 EUR (500 Units for Phone + SMS, data flat rate with 500 MB unthrottled data volume).

22.05.2013: The Deutsche Telekom tightens its product line (clear, easy, all tariffs with data plan + SMS included):
Highspeed data volume with max. 100 MBit/s. flat rates for telephone calls and SMS to all German networks, block offers: minutes and SMS, foreign countries, Hotspot-Flat.
The new tariff family is named "Complete Comfort" and will be offered with a subsidized smartphone.
Who takes the tariff without smartphone gets permanent 20 % off the monthly fee!
The smallest package is named "Complete Comfort XS" (19.95 EUR p. m.), the biggest "Complete Comfort XXL" (99.95 EUR p. m.). Who calls often to foreign countries and needs a new smartphone yearly select the "Complete Premium" with 1000 Minutes p. m. to foreign countries (teltarif.de has chronicled (German-language)).

25.07.2013: Since today Vodafone offers HD-Voice in its whole cellular network. Almost nine months later as the Deutsche Telekom. It´s the network of the future. Not presence. Smiley with a wink

05.08.2013: Lidl mobile offers a new smartphone tariff: 7.99 EUR only with 300 Free Units (Min./SMS) p. m. to all German networks, after that 9 Ct. per Min./SMS.

09.12.2013: As first carrier in Germany the Deutsche Telekom uses the Data Encryption Standard A5/3 for the voice transmission in its cellular network. Thereby conversations in the 3G network are better protected against spy on. Currently the standard will be implemented nationwide, until the end of 2013 the implementation should be completed. Read more about it at teltarif.de (German-language).

05.09.2014: The Deutsche Telekom tightens her tariff line again (S-M-L schema, AllNet Flat and LTE for all):
new tariff family MagentaMobil with subsidized smartphone: Highspeed Data Rate to 300 Mbit/s. Flat Rates for Telephony and SMS within all networks, packages for foreign countries and mobile use. But Hotspot Flat incl. in MagentaMobil L Plus only. Thereto a subsidized Smartphone. 20 % Discount for Tariff Plan without subsidized Smartphone. Pay 20 % off your monthly fee by conclusion the contract without a subsidized smartphone!

The smallest package is named MagentaMobil S
39.95 EUR p. m. with smartphone, 49.95 EUR p. m. with Top-Smartphone or 29.95 EUR p. m. without Device.

The biggest Package is named MagentaMobil L Plus
99.95 EUR p. m. with a high-end smartphone or 79.95 EUR p. m. without a phone.

16.03.2015: Vodafone has implemented VoLTE to its cellular network. But without smartphones with properly firmware it is not useable yet.

16.04.2015: Since today Telefónica Germany offers shorter call setup time and better phone connection with HD-Quality with the wireless technology Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE). The new technology is available in the whole LTE network of Telefónica Germany yet. Now Telefónica activates smartphone models, as soon as the vendors roll out VoLTE ready firmware.

... to be continued …

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