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Palmengarten Frankfurt

Events and Exhibitions

Place of Event
Address: Siesmayerstr. 61, 60323 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 69 212-36689 and 212-33939
Phone information service: +49 69 212-39111
WWW: https://www.palmengarten.de

Since 06.07.2020 again both entrances are passable. However, the historical entrance mall now only serves as an entrance!
The turnstiles cannot be used for access, only as an exit.

For your own protection and that of your fellow human beings, observe the general rules of hygiene.
A mouth-nose cover must be worn in all buildings.

Please note the changes in the following areas:

Entrance Mall Siesmayerstraße:
The entrance mall may only be used as access to the garden.

Show Houses and Exhibition Galleries:
The Tropicarium and the Subantarctic House are open on weekdays from 12–17 and on weekends from 10–17.
The Palm House and the Exhibition Galleries remain closed.
Please pay attention to the routing in the houses.

The playgrounds are accessible. Pay attention to the distance rules of the current regulation. The water playground is not in operation.

Opening Hours of the Ticket Office and Exhibition Houses
Siesmayerstr. 63 and Palmengartenstr. 11:
Nov to Jan: daily 09:00–16:00
Feb to Oct: daily 09:00–19:00

Zeppelinallee 18: only on Sunday and Holiday: 10:00–16:00

Opening Hours on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (maybe)
Siesmayerstr. 63 and Palmengartenstr. 11:
24.12.2019: 10:00–15:00
31.12.2019: 09:00–16:00

Access to Gallery, Palm House and Tropicarium while Cash Point Opening Hours only

The next Events and Exhibitions 2020

(hopefully still possible until then - depends on the reason of mankind ... then they will cancel it ...)

22.10.–08.11.: Autumn Flower Show

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COVID-19 Update

Due to the current global pandemic and in accordance with local regulations, fairs and exhibitions in this area are under restrictions and may not be open.

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