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Scott Adams

The Dilbert Principle (Dilbert)

The Dilbert Principle is an inside view of bosses, meetings, management fads and other workplace afflictions.
Paperback, 336 Pages, ISBN: 978-0752272207 MacMillan (06.10.2000) (10.20 EUR)

Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook

Behind the closed doors of corporate management lurks a manifesto so devious, so insidious, and of such diabolic power, it has the ability to transform normal human beings into paradigm–spewing zombies.
Paperback, 192 Pages, ISBN: 978-0887308819 HarperBusiness (21.10.1997) (14.35 EUR)

Jim Davis

Garfield Feeds the Kitty: His 35th Book

Now in full color. Bigger and bolder! New larger size.
Paperback, 96 Pages, ISBN: 978-0425285695 Ballantine Books (16.01.2018) (8.29 GBP)

Garfield Eats and Runs: His 65th Book

Garfield's back in this brand-new full-color compilation strip book - truly a must-have for fans!
Garfield returns - weighing more than ever! - for his 65th book, a brand-new, full-color compilation strip book and another must-have for Garfield fans. They are all here: Jon, Odie, Nermal, and, of course, our favorite fat cat, Garfield!
Paperback, 96 Pages, ISBN: 978-0425285725 Viking Books for Young Readers (15.05.2018) (11.99 GBP)

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