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Spam Filter

An e-mail box or mail program with a spam filter protects against spam.
A combination of both is much more effective.

Spam senders use special programs (robots, harvesters) to automatically search the entire World Wide Web for mail addresses.

Attention, Fellow Webmasters!

Your Meta Tags will also be scanned!

Symbol light bulb = tip! Enter a fictitious mailbox in the meta tag and on the page «Contact» as well as the provider identification («Site Notice») the real mail address only as graphic with a link to the e-mail form (!). According to the current state of knowledge, robots cannot use this yet.
Or write the e-mail address with spaces and replace @ and the dot with a paraphrase. But then a short explanation for beginners, who do not know the topic yet.
Also very good, but some solution bad for performance: Protection via JavaScript – ready-to-use plugins are available for many CMS.
With such a JavaScript solution, protect only one page («Site Notice») if possible and do not publish your own or even foreign e-mail addresses anywhere else.
I used to store and protect web addresses including e-mail addresses in my link collection, but effort and responsibility are now too high.

Symbol light bulb = tip! Exclude the «Site Notice» and «Privacy Policy» from the sitemap creation, also do not let search engines index it (noindex,nofollow).
This makes it more difficult for spammers to find valid e-mail addresses.

Unhindered access to Privacy Policy and Site Notice required

Symbol light bulb = tip! Human website visitors must be able to quickly find and access the privacy policy and site notice without switching on Flash and JavaScript, otherwise they will be threatened with a warning! Spam harvesters (electronic mail address harvesters) should not get your e-mail address and search engines should better not include an site notice in their search results. This is superfluous and even dangerous, because a possibly temporarily erroneous site notice may cause warning letters to be issued unnecessarily, even though the corrected version has been online for a long time.

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