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Help for new Visitors and Internet Beginners

Tips for your first Steps on these Web Pages

24.06.2020: all web addresses (URLs) changed to lower case letters!

  1. Language change English/German: by clicking with the left mouse button on the flag in the upper right corner from English to German and vice versa.
    This allows visitors to choose the more suitable language for many of my websites. However, my web presence is a hobby and I am not a translator, so bilingual content is not always possible. If a website/report is only available in German or only in English, clicking on the flag will load the start page (homepage) in the selected language instead of a translation. This is then no error. Thank you for your understanding!
  2. Menu navigation: at the Mac/PC/Notebook with a mouse, on touchscreens by tapping the menu. For touchscreens, replace »mouse click« with «tap».
  3. clearly arranged: if the introductory text of a main page is not already directly linked to its submenus, «Read more:» is displayed at the bottom of the page above the clickable subpages.
  4. flip through pages: this website can be easily flipped through like a book from the start page aka «homepage» to the last page. And from the bottom of the page it goes quickly up again ^ to the top of the page. On every page, you can click on «prev» or «next» to flip or «^top» to jump back on top.
    « prev ……………… ^top ……………… next »
  5. go back a bit or to the homepage: at the top between menu and page text the current menu path is displayed (currently: Home > Help). This is also called «breadcrumb navigation». Even in nested submenus, the orientation is retained. Jump back as far as you like or go straight to the «Home» page. The latter is even easier: click on the title «Tests and Tips» at the top!
  6. Text highlighting: to avoid confusion, underlines are only used for hyperlinks (like here). Links to external websites are always shown in bold and underlined so that you know: tests-and-tips.info is not responsible for the following content!
  7. Use these web pages on your Smartphone or Tablet-PC? Yes, with pleasure! This website offers responsive design, i.e. it adapts to any display size.
  8. read long texts more comfortably: use the read mode of your web browser. See below for details.
  9. Search function: click in the input field at the top right of the magnifying glass and then enter your search term. «Enter» key or on the Tablet PC «Next» «Search» or «Return» will start the search process (takes about one second).
    Attention: the search only finds results in the currently selected language! German contents can be found after changing the language!
  10. Table of contents: Complete overview of the menu structure, direct selection of each subpage possible. See top right next to the menu and printer icon.

Uniform Date Format

This website is made by a German Webmaster, therefore it has the German date format DD.MM.YYYY, which is also usual in Great Britain.

Adjust Font Size

By Keystroke Combination

Mac/PC/Notebook (replace [Ctrl] with [command] on the Mac):

[Ctrl] and [+] to enlarge,
[Ctrl] and [-] to reduce the size.
[Ctrl] and [0] resets to default.

Reading Mode facilitates reading long Texts

As soon as a paper symbol or AA appears at the top left of the web address, clicking on this symbol allows you to use the reading mode and change the font size.
It works with all actual versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer, maybe with other browsers, too.


Not only the font, but all other page elements will be scaled. So the entire layout will stay coherent.

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