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Apple iPhone Xs: Conclusion

Limited Recommendation!

Due to some Apple peculiarities, a general recommendation is not possible.
If you are willing to compromise and accept the disadvantages (maybe even because of the unbeatable advantages), you will get a very nice and solid smartphone!

Sufficient Storage Space only for a sizable Surcharge

The maximum memory expansion is worth the extra charge – with less memory an iPhone is completely useless for me!
I generally use smartphones as a jukebox for my large and still growing music collection and since then I have been using quite decent cameras as always-on cameras. And as a document scanner the iPhone with a matching app is perfectly suited. But the memory is not expandable, so the model with the largest built-in memory is a must.

High Surcharge for better Service in Case of Warranty

Despite Apple Care+ insurance, in the event of damage, there is allegedly no new equipment but repaired used equipment. That is why I no longer take out insurance.

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