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Memory expansion impossible – do not save at the wrong end

Expansion of the internal memory is not possible – there is no slot for a memory card!  64 GB is a bad joke these days, because:

If you underestimate the memory requirements, you won't be able to use your iPhone for long as intended, then it will limit you and become virtually unusable.
Only if you want to use an iPhone as a luxury phone without collecting pictures or music, 64 GB will suffice in the long run.
If your interests change later and you still want to store music collections or photo albums, you are stuck …

But there is the iCloud?

Cloud storage requires a reliable, available data connection so you can quickly download the data you need when you need it.  Without a WLAN connection, this will be more expensive in the long run than the extra price for an iPhone with enough storage, as real mobile flat rates are a luxury in Germany. Speaking of additional costs: 5 GB are free of charge you have already paid with the price of the device – these are not enough for backups or for further data collections. 0.99 EUR/month (50 GB) or 2.99 EUR/month (200 GB) are not expensive, but they are intended to encourage people to upload their personal data!

You should be aware that the NSA has access to the iCloud at all times – for business use (GDPR) and also to protect privacy, the use of the iCloud is therefore absolutely taboo!

Also remember that iMessage conversations are only absolutely secure encrypted as long as no backup is made to the iCloud! Once your backup is in the iCloud, the US authorities have full access to your unencrypted data!

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