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Apple iPhone 8: Firmware

iOS Versions and Updates documented

28.09.2017: First time setting and software update
21:20: For the first time turned on. 21:22 it puts the statistics: Settings / Mobile Network.
22:24: Restart after updating to iOS 11.0.1, System Build 15A403, kernel Darwin 17.0.0.
04.10.2017: Software update
01:47: Restart after updating to iOS 11.0.2, System Build 15A421.
14.10.2017: Software update
00:38: Restart after updating to iOS 11.0.3, System Build 15A432.
02.11.2017: Software update
23:54: Restart after updating to iOS 11.1, System Build 15B93.
09.11.2017: Software update
22:38: Restart after updating to iOS 11.1.1, System Build 15B150.
19.11.2017: Software update
20:02: Restart after updating to iOS 11.1.2, System Build 15B202.

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