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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iMessage protects Privacy by End-to-End Encryption

iPhone users use iMessage for chatting when privacy is important for them …

Your contacts also have a right to privacy!

It is not only your own privacy that goes to hell when using questionable offers! All contact data, which you save on your smartphone, is sucked from Facebook & Co. This is stated in their terms and conditions (!) and too many smartphone users nod their heads and don't give a damn about the privacy of their fellow human beings, whose data also ends up on Facebook & Co. in this way and is processed without being asked.
Do customers of Whatsapp, Facebook and similar providers really not realize that they are betraying their friends for 89 cents or less?
Do WhatsApp users not have any scruples that the personal data of their friends is commercially exploited by Facebook?

iMessage has an easy to use interface

The simple operation also speaks for the iPhone and its secure messager called iMessage: chatting works similarly to other providers.
You can't show your friends your status (state of mind, greeting, statement) and the recipient circle is not informed about what music you are listening to, as it is possible to activate with BBM. But the sending status of the messages (delivered/read) is reliably displayed. For most of us, this is much more important than knowing what music, audio books or videos are currently being played or what he/she is thinking. If you want to know the latter, this is a good reason to start a conversation via iMessage or classic telephony.
And if you want to send yourself pictures, you can do so very conveniently using the copy function.

Self learning keyboard – always fascinating

The self-learning keyboard allows for a fairly secure input even without hardware keys despite typing on glass, the more you use it.
On the one hand, you aim better and type less often if you often write on glass, on the other hand, the self-learning keyboard gets new «food» for learning and recognizes more and more typos and makes better and better suggestions. So even writing long sentences doesn't become annoying, but it's fun to see how well the iPhone learns your personal writing style over time and then correctly suggests word for word.
Allegedly only BlackBerry has such a self-learning keyboard on its smartphones with BlackBerry 10 OS.
That's what you believe until you use an iPhone (then you'll know a lot more about BlackBerry) …

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