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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Excellently crafted Hardware

Acoustic Properties

The acoustics are excellent! The frequency range is straight as a ruler from 18 Hz almost to 20 kHz – and the headphone output is hardly different!
Thanks to high signal-to-noise ratio, good channel separation and low distortion, the fidelity is outstanding!

Glass Enclosure with 7000 Aluminium Alloy Frame and Stainless Steel Chassis

The excellently crafted case feels very good and is a pleasure to hold.

The high-resolution 5.5-inch Display shows Photos and Text sharply and in natural Colours

The size of the screen is sufficient to be able to work on this website on the go. I even watch some episodes of TV series on this small display.

The A10 Fusion Processor is one of the fastest Smartphone Processors on the World Market

I had read it before I bought the iPhone, but now I notice every day that it's true.
Normal «daily business» leaves it completely cold, everything runs smoothly and the case is never very warm.
It's a pity that Apple no longer provides an interface to evaluate the temperature of the processor or the battery.

Careful Colour Selection in Daylight

If you have the opportunity to visit an Apple Store, you should take the chance, also because the iPhone looks completely different in press photos and on the Internet at Apple (all artificial light photos) than in bright daylight! Like myself, you may choose a different colour variant in the daylight-flooded Apple Store, when you can take the iPhones in your hands and compare them undisturbed in peace and quiet. In the daylight-flooded Apple Store, the colours do not look as intense as in the flash photos in Apple's online shop.

In metal cases and frames, I usually prefer the unpainted version in the «original colour», so to speak. But here I make an exception, because «diamond black» looks great. But that is a matter of taste. You might like a different colour variant. The main thing is that you are happy with your iPhone, because it will be your daily companion!

By the way: Apple achieves the desired colours by anodising and adding to the alloy, thus avoiding problems with ordinary paintwork.

Localisation via GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS

Thanks to the use of four satellite systems, localisation is always possible.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the iPhone 7 Plus.

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