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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Messaging Machine

iMessage Protects Privacy by End-to-End Encryption

iPhone users use iMessage for chatting when privacy is important for them …

Your Contacts also have a right of Privacy!

It's not just your own privacy that goes to hell when you use questionable offers! All contact details stored on the smartphone will be transferred to Facebook & Whatsapp several times a day. This is stated in their terms and conditions! Unfortunately most smartphone users accept this unread and do not care about the privacy of their fellow human beings. So their data also go to Facebook & Co. and are processed there unasked.
Do customers of Whatsapp, Facebook and similar suppliers really not realize that they betray their friends for 89 cents or less?
Do WhatsApp users have not the scruples that the personal data of their friends are used by Facebook?

iMessage has an easy-to-use User Interface

Also the simple operation is an argument for the iPhone and its safe messager called iMessage: Chatting works similar to other vendors.
Although you can not show your friends status (state of mind, greeting, statement) and the receiver circle is also not informed which music you are listening, as the BBM can be activated. But the shipping status of the messages (delivered/read) is displayed reliably. This is much more important for most of us than knowing what music, audio books, or videos are currently playing or what they are thinking. If you want to know the latter, this is a good reason to start a conversation by iMessage or classic by telephony. wink And if you want to send pictures, this is very convenient with the copying function.

Self-learning Keyboard – always fascinating

With the self-learning keypad, you can enter a really secure input even without hardware keys, even when writing to glass.
If one writes on glass, one aims through exercise better and types rarely beside it. And the self-learning keyboard gets new "food" for learning and recognizes more and more typing errors and makes always better suggestions. Thus the writing of long sentences is not annoying. It's funny to see how well the iPhone learns the personal style of writing and proposes correctly word by word.
Allegedly, only BlackBerry has such a self-learning keyboard on its smartphones with BlackBerry 10 OS.
This is what you believe until you use an iPhone (then another is clear about BlackBerry) …

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