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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Hardware Photos 9 of 9

Quality of Workmanship

Photo: Apple iPhone 6s Plus in Leather Case - Blick auf Unterseite

My photos show the good processing quality and hopefully help you a little better to evaluate the design.
I like the design very well.

Careful Selection of Color in Daylight

If you have the opportunity to visit an Apple Store should take the opportunity, also because the iPhone on press photos and on the Internet at Apple (all artificial light) looks quite differently than in bright daylight! Like myself, it can happen to you that in the daylight-flooded Apple Store you choose a different color version than on the screen, if you can take the iPhones all undisturbed in peace in your hand and compare.
The differences in gold and rosé gold versions are extreme. In the bright Apple Store, the colors do not look so intense.
In metal cases, I generally prefer the unpainted variant quasi in «original color». For a stainless steel case, I would choose stainless steel colors, Apple uses a very good 7000 aluminum wrought alloy, so I would like the original aluminum case.
Apple achieves the colors by anodizing and adding to the alloy, so avoid the problems with paint finishes, nevertheless, I like the original «metal color» best.

I might have chosen a gold-colored or silver case, but in the Apple Store I noticed that these variants (as synonymous in Rosé Gold) have a silver or gold ring around the fingerprint sensor on the white front. I really do not like it. Much better: a black front with a black fingerprint sensor is uniformly black when the LCD is off. Therefore, my choice fell on «Space Gray». This is pure taste. You may like another color variant. Main thing you are satisfied with your iPhone, because it will be your daily companion!

Photo: View on the bottom with the connections

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