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Leather Bags and Cases for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Glass and Stainless Steel need Protection

An expensive iPhone would like to protect against damage. Some use leather covers, other films. Foldable leather flip cases are also a popular solution. Disadvantage of these products is that one hardly feels or sees the beautiful housing directly with his hands. Another solution is bags, from which one removes the smartphone for operation. I like these bags from fitBAG the best, so I've been a regular here for years.

Who prefers bare Glass with Stainless Steel Frame in Hand

Despite custom-made bags from fitBAG are not expensive! If you prefer bare glass with a stainless steel frame in your hand, you can save the money for an Apple leather shell (59 EUR!). Instead, buy a fitBAG leather bag for one third of the cost. Give the iPhone model and its housing dimensions +3 mm, so it is not too tight and the iPhone can be easily removed. After a few weeks of use, the bag widened slightly, but until then, the outer buttons would be loaded, which is too risky for me (I am very meticulous). From many years of experience, I can assure you that fitBAGs nappa leather bags are made exactly to customer specifications.

Optimum Protection through Combination

Apple's leather shell makes a beautiful leather back without a protruding camera lens!
If you have a fitBAG leather sleeve made with the dimensions of Apple's leather case, you will have very secure transport protection for the valuable iPhone!

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