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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Regular Backups with iTunes

During the evening charging of the battery at the USB port of the notebook, I automatically create an encrypted backup to SSD and copy it to an external hard drive (see figure with German-language version). I also use iTunes to sync music from an external hard drive to my iPhone.

Screenshot: best settings for backup with iTunes

E-Mail, Addresses, Contacts, Tasks, Notes

An iCloud e-mail account can, but does not have to be created!
PIM data such as e-mail, addresses, contacts, tasks and notes can be matched perfectly with your existing e-mail accounts. This is also supported by the Exchange ActiveSync protocol (in short: EAS), which works with Microsoft Outlook, but also with 1&1 Mail Business, for example. Advantage of EAS: easy setup and all data are always available on the go (older mails are only loaded by the server when "No limitation" is selected for synchronization).

Urgent Security Tip

Set transport encryption «SSL/TLS» with corresponding port!

Those who have Microsoft Outlook installed locally can keep it in sync with the iPhone via iTunes (not tested myself).
I have created a separate account for Posteo because I will be using their calendar for a while yet (with the app CalenGoo).
I uninstalled Apple's Mail app because I use Tutanota with their own Mail app.
I have never activated iCloud and will never use it because American authorities can gain access at any time for no reason.
I don't support mass surveillance, it's easy to become collateral damage, because backdoor keys are not always secured carefully enough and are therefore a coveted target for criminals.

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