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SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 200 GB

Conclusion: highly recommended Hardware!

Not only the size is an argument for this nice tiny piece of high-tech but the high speed.
I have no measuring instrument but one experience was very exciting: the encryption of this memory card with my BlackBerry P´9982 lasted 6:30 h only!
Compared with the last encryption procedure of the SanDisk Ultra Android microSDXC 128 GB that was days faster!
The encryption of the SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC (30 MB/s, Class 10, UHS-I) with my BlackBerry P´9982 has lasted about four days!

After the price cut from 209 to 159 EUR this memory card costs only a little more as two memory cards with 128 GB each.
Because this was the first price cut the price will sink once again in the near future.

Lightbulb as a symbol for a hint Tip: some vendors are very carefully with their statements about the maximum size of memory cards or do not update their website.
For example Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note or the BlackBerry Z10 had the capability to use memory cards with a size of 64 GB right from start.

It´s your own risk if you buy a bigger sized memory card as the vendor recommends.
But in worst case use the microSDXC memory card with the SD Adapter in your digital camera or MP3 player or as a backup storage for the notebook.
Side benefit: because of the high performance of this microSDXC memory card you can make faster serial photo shoots depending from the capability of the camera model.

Included Software not recommendable

Memory Cards from SanDisk with "Android" in the product name are not produced for Android Smartphones only!
There is a software tool stored on the memory card named SanDisk Memory Zone to manage your storage.
You can find this software tool also at the Google Play Store to download and install it with your Android smartphone.
But much of the reviews at Google Play are not very positive so I wouldn´t install it if I would use an Android phone.

Software Alternatives for Android Users

Instead of SanDisk Memory Zone I recommend you Explorer from Speed Software Ltd. and DiskUsage from Ivan Volosyuk.

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