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SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC 64 GB

Conclusion: highly recommended!

If you are on a budget and get an offer with a price up to 45 EUR then it is worthy.
It is also recommendable if you have an older device without the capability to use memory cards with more than 64 GB.
If you need the highest performance don´t buy the older version. In that case choose the last generation of this excellent memory card.

Lightbulb as a symbol for a hint Tip: some vendors are very carefully with their statements about the maximum size of memory cards or do not update their website.
For example Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note or the BlackBerry Z10 had the capability to use memory cards with a size of 64 GB right from start.

It´s your own risk if you buy a bigger sized memory card as the vendor recommends.
But in worst case use the microSDXC memory card with the SD Adapter in your digital camera or MP3 player or as a backup storage for the notebook.
Side benefit: because of the higher performance of this microSDXC memory card you can make faster serial photo shoots depending from the capability of the camera model.

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