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LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive P’9220 2 TB

Practical Experience with this Device since 26.04.2014 till this day

Photo: Bottom side of two Porsche Design P´9220 external hard disk drives with pasted felt pads

Precautionary Measures right after Unpacking

While unboxing this beautyful device I remember the action with my first external hard disk drive from LaCie with Porsche Design which I had purchased on 1 Feb 2014. Therefore I take eight little felt pads and paste them under the casing to protect my little white gloss painted desk against scratches.
You get scratches already by slide this casing on the desk. Have a look on my image with the modified bottom of the cases on the right side.

Usage worthwhile also with older Computers

My Sony VAIO notebook unfortunately has no USB 3.0 ports, but three USB 2.0 ports. The possible speed of the hard disk drive I cannot use with it, but I am planning to buy a new notebook maybe next year.

But anyway saving and loading files or running portable apps e.g. Firefox Portable or Notepad++ is comfortable fast and silent.

This Hard Disk Drive will be warm at longer copy actions but never hot

After the startup procedure first of all I have copied all data from the older hard disk drives to this new one as a backup. Although this procedure has needed hours cause of my notebook has no faster USB 3.0 but much slower USB 2.0 ports only, it became warm to the touch only. That´s surely by curtesy of the three millimeter thick aluminium casing!

All advantages of this external hard disk drive you will find on the next page …

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