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Recommended Gastronomy in Mörfelden-Walldorf, dist. Walldorf

Yangtse Restaurant Walldorf

Chinese and Mongolian Gastronomic Specialties

Address: Farmstr. 101 im Walldorf-Karreé, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf
Phone 1: +49 6105 275968
Phone 2: +49 6105 9769439
WWW:    https://www.yangtse-walldorf.de (Homepage German-language only)
Open: Mon–Sun    11:30–20:30
          Warm kitchen throughout.

Collection: daily 11:30-20:30

My first visit: 15 Nov 2009 along with friends.
All dishes were very yummy and delicious!
My friends are regular there to dine out and very pleased with prices and service.

Symbol for a tip: Lightbulb If you want to dine out as a group you must call for table reservation (especially for Sundays!) …

Unfortunately I am very rarely in Walldorf, but if, then it is a must to visit!

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From Monday, 02.11.2020 until end of November January (?), restaurants may only deliver food or offer it for collection. Please phone before a visit to save unnecessary ways and time and to order, because not every restaurant offers a pick-up or delivery service!
And even if a restaurant does offer it, the restaurateur will be happy to receive your order by telephone in good time to enable better planning. This saves you long waiting times and unnecessary journeys, and saves the beleaguered restaurateur unnecessary costs for overproduced food.

Due to the current global pandemic and in accordance with local regulations, eateries in this area are under restrictions and may not be open for dine-in services.

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