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Technological Background

sinnvollonline.de + sensefulonline.de
sinnvollonline.eu + sensefulonline.eu
sinnvollonline.info + sensefulonline.info
tests‑und‑tipps.info + tests‑and‑tips.info

Just in time: Google has updated its Search Index

29.09.2020: Just in time for today's domain move of the old .info domains, Google has updated its search index from sinnvoll‑online.info to sinnvoll‑online.de.
So I could change the main domain without waiting.

Cautious Name Change – you stay senseful-online

29.09.2020: Since this afternoon, every page request at senseful-online.info lands directly on the same web server as testsandtips.info.
As of tonight, page requests at sinnvollonline.de and sinnvollonline.eu will be redirected from the old web server to testsandtips.info.
The motto «senseful online» will not be abandoned; visitors will therefore continue to reach the website via all domains.

With Security: DANE, DNSSEC, HSTS, TLS 1.3, 2FA

My web pages are generally preloaded in a transport-encrypted form, as far as technically possible (HSTS preloading). Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) and TLS 1.3 is also offered by my previous internet service provider. But I also wanted to have DANE and DNSSEC and now I found a suitable provider.

Access only with current TLS Encryption

This website is only accessible for browsers that use valid TLS certificates

If you want to use my website from a BlackBerry or other now obsolete device, this will unfortunately no longer be possible.
Security has absolute priority with me. I don't want to be the victim of a man-in-the-middle attack, nor do I want to encourage manipulation of my web content on the way to your device. These are the dangers of using unencrypted web offers. My password could also be spied out if it was sent as plain text over the Internet. Visitors to the website could then be shown falsified information to harm me.

If you are now reading this website from your PC/notebook or on the smartphone of a friend/colleague because it could not be opened from your own old smartphone or PC with an old browser, you now know why. – Thank you for taking the trouble and for your interest in this website!

Easy to maintain – no Database

This website does not require any complex database maintenance. As soon as I log out of the system as admin after making changes to the website, a data backup with timestamp is automatically created. Even server relocations or even provider changes do not cause sweat and are completed within minutes if necessary. This is how it worked on 12.09.2020 with this website at the new Internet Service Provider: fresh backup of senseful-online.de made, downloaded via FTP and uploaded to my webspace at the new ISP, text edited in a few places, done, running. Afterwards only the old website name on all pages has to be changed to the new one. On pages whose content has to be adapted anyway, done manually. Then "search & replace" using the code editor Textastic.

All Web Pages in only one File

The English technical term for this is Flat-File CMS. A technology that is still underestimated, but which is becoming increasingly known and popular.

Send URLs without trailing Slash

Only to folders you add a slash to save the webserver some work. But not at my website, because its a Flat-File CMS.

I see many pointless attempts by bots (visitors???) in the logbook every day, who send or type my web addresses even with several attached slashes.
This is completely pointless, even as an attack on my system, perhaps to bring it out of kilter. Might work with WordPress, but it doesn't work here. wink

Update 18.08.2020: now my CMS ignores attached slashes and saves the logbook. wink

Logbook stores Logins & Mishaps

On the previous page (Structure) you learned that I constantly have to read in the logbook how someone searches apps for smartphones (Mobile Apps) in the wrong menu (Software) (instead of under /software/mobile-apps).

When I write about technology here, I am also happy to answer a question that I am sure every visitor will have: «What's in the logbook?»
Answer: «Not much, if everyone does everything right, because apart from my logins, only what goes wrong is recorded».
This does not refer to the logbook of the internet service provider (see privacy policy), but to the technical logbook of the CMS.

If I have not set any wrong links, visitors do not mistype their web addresses when typing in web addresses manually and bots from search engines do not search for old deleted web addresses with me, nothing is saved.

A plug-in takes care of the forwarding of incorrectly written, moved and non-existent pages separated by language, i.e. German and English.
Because moved and renamed pages are maintained in two large routing tables, there is still no logbook entry despite many incorrect queries if the desired page is found by forwarding and loaded with a tiny time delay.
This is only noticeable with a very slow internet connection, if a long internet address with nested submenu is queried.
If you look at the address line of your browser or compare the typed URL with the loaded one, you will notice that the address is rewritten in real time.

What else is written in the logbook: automated attack attempts by script kiddies and gangs from all over the world, who search for badly maintained blogs, forums and shops in order to break in there and fish out valuable personal data or blackmail the operator (I like such visitors …) Especially after the discovery of new security holes in Magento, vBulletin, WordPress etc., hackers automatically try all web addresses and are usually successful, because many operators of such shops, forums and blog software do not constantly read security messages and are sometimes a few minutes/days/weeks/months later than necessary to install updates.

Therefore I recommend to use a separate password for each (!) online account and to manage passwords via password vault and to secure them offline!

I delete the logbook daily after checking and working off my mistakes. It does not contain any personal data, including IP addresses, except my own, if I was logged in and did something to the system.

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