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History of this Website

sensefulonline.de + sensefulonline.eu + sensefulonline.info + testsandtips.info

Hobby Project senseful online started at End of November 2001

End of November 2001 I registered the domain sinnvoll‑online.de and since then I offer general information separately from the private website michael-glaser.de. Information that is interesting for the general public, such as practical tests of hardware and software in the computer, multimedia and telecommunication sector, is published via domains with a motto as website name (English-language: senseful online, German-language: sinnvoll online).

Previously registered domains

30.11.2001: Domain with TLD .de:   sinnvollonline.de    for German-language content.
09.06.2013: Domain with TLD .eu:   sinnvollonline.eu    for German-language content.
09.06.2013: Domain with TLD .eu:   senseful-online.eu   for English-language content.
03.07.2015: Domain with TLD .info: sinnvollonline.info  for German-language content.
07.07.2015: Domain with TLD .info: senseful-online.info for English-language content.
28.01.2018: Domain with TLD .de:   senseful-online.de   for English-language content.

The domain name (senseful-online.info) says briefly and concisely: senseful online, to find the information you are looking for. By the way, the name of the domain should make e-mail recipients curious about my website. Wink Smiley

Moving this Website to another Internet Service Provider

12.09.2020: By chance, I landed again today on the website of the Internet service provider UD Media GmbH, which I found interesting months ago when I was looking for a web hoster who, in addition to «Let's Encrypt» certificates and current transport encryption TLS 1.3, can also offer DANE and DNSSEC.

The website of UD Media GmbH makes a very good impression on me. After comparing the domain prices with my current web hoster, the change has been decided.
I order the web hosting package Classic Hosting Power 5.0 (5 domains inclusive).

All domains had already been renewed for one year in July with the old ISP. So I can give myself until the beginning of 2021 for the move.
My small website with the domains michael-glaser.de and michaelglaser.de will be moved in 2021. Then I might give up the .eu domains.

New Domain is online: testsundtipps.info

I thought again about the name of this website and registered a more meaningful domain name!
As the 1st inclusive domain, I am registering a brand new one, which has additional advantages:

I thought again about the name of this website and found a more meaningful domain name.
I am registering this as the first inclusive domain name, which has additional advantages:

  1. newly ordered domains are available almost immediately after ordering
  2. my website is immediately online with the new provider and for problems I have «plan B», see 3. + 4.
  3. Should the new ISP disappoint me after all, I have 30 days right of withdrawal
  4. If the old ISP does not hand out the authorisation codes quickly, my website will not be offline for weeks: see 2.

Login Details received after only 2½ Hours despite Saturday Evening

I immediately upload a recent backup copy of senseful-online.de via SFTP onto my new webspace and start adapting the texts.
Only 5 hours later the newly registered domain is activated!
14.09.2020: In the meantime all is done.
I love it when a plan works! Laughing Smiley
15.09.2020: Links from michael‑glaser.de to senseful-online.de changed to tests-und-tipps.info.

New Domain is online: testsandtips.info

24.09.2020: Today I also registered the English language name of the website as a domain. All went very smoothly with a very nice contact to the customer service. Absolutly recommendable! My previous Internet service provider was also very cooperative and quickly provided the authorisation codes for my .info domains by e-mail. Now I still have to wait for the five-day objection period of the registry (to protect against hostile takeover of domains or processing errors, there are built-in hurdles that unauthorised persons cannot easily circumvent).

Small Case Study: split Content between 2 Domains by Language

29.09.2020: Since this evening all page requests on senseful-online.de/.eu/.info domains are served by the web server of my new internet service provider.
And all English-language pages will be redirected to testsandtips.info/en/. Laughing Smiley
This is my small case study of whether Google really treats this as double content or whether I can manage to split the content between the domains by language DE/EN.

08.10.2020: Gave up the language-dependent division of content between the two domains because Google processes this too slowly. Unfortunately, my CMS is not multi-domain capable, i.e. it cannot handle page-wise links (DE/EN) between several domains. Then Google would have recognised my constellation and indexed everything as desired. A pity.

Smooth transition to the new Domain tests-und-tipps.info

Nevertheless I will try to redirect page views with the English domain testsandtips.info/en/ not necessarily to the German domain tests-und-tipps.info/en/.
Advantage for visitors: if you call up English-language content with an English domain name, you will also see this more suitable domain in the address line of your browser.

24.10.2020: since this evening, page requests with the old domains sinnvoll-online.info and senseful-online.info are temporarily not redirected to the new main domain tests-und-tipps.info. Only when a link on overview pages is selected does the user redirect to the main domain.

As of today tests-und-tipps.info serves all Page Requests

22.11.2020: as of today all page requests with other domains are redirected to the main domain. This is really better for the ranking at Google!
The web design and the two months of getting used to it were hopefully clear enough for my visitors that they are still meaningful aka senseful online here …

06.12.2020: Sometime at the end of November, I removed the fixed redirect again, because otherwise I would soon have been kicked off the HSTS-Preload-Liste.
Domains must not be redirects, otherwise you can't really protect them with HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) against man-in-the-middle attacks.
Workaround: I manually set many canonical tags and wrote out all internal hyperlinks, i.e. only used absolute links with the main domain.
The internet research for a better solution continues (keyword: .htaccess and mod-redirect) … (Update: see 08.01.2021, solution found!)

Moving sinnvollonline.de, michaelglaser.de + michaelglaser.de

04.01.2021: Cancelled web hosting with the old ISP, requested the AuthInfo codes for these domains for the purpose of moving. I give up the remaining domains.
05.01.2021: At noon I receive the AuthInfo codes from the old provider. Around 17:00, I enter them in the UD Media customer menu to start the domain transfer.
05.01.2021: At 22:08, the UD Media team reports the successful domain transfer. At 23:00, I receive the confirmation of termination from the old provider. Great!

Simple Multi-Domain Solution tested

One CMS – two websites: manage the large website testsandtips.info and the small website michael-glaser.de together. It works with a trick …

08.01.2021: In the evening, I find my solution in a conversation of the Contao-Community from 2016! «Spooky» helped another Contao user and although I don't use the Content Management System Contao, the code mentioned there also helps me for my .htaccess file. It has proven itself to always think outside the box …
Solution: depending on the language folder /de/ + /en/ or /ue/ + /ab/ as a workaround for the microsite michael-glaser.de, the correct domain is always called up.

Domain michael-glaser.de separate again

13.01.2021: Workaround for michael-glaser.de with simulated language folders /ue/ + /ab/ no longer required. All the paths adjusted again with Search & Replace …

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